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We are a full service practice with associate specialties from early childhood through the age of 65, addressing the majority of problems or concerns people experience.


At Kerwin Testing and Therapy Group our psychologists specialize in conducting assessments and working with children and adults in family related matters, providing differential diagnosis, identifying educational needs, and addressing forensic related questions.  The type of assessment varies in price and is determined by the needs of you and/or your child. A follow up session will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after testing is completed to go over the test results and to answer your questions.

Purpose of an assessment

Assessments are used to make educational and clinical decisions. Testing is requested to help with:

  • Screening and identification
  • Diagnosis and potential eligibility for special programs, including accommodations
  • Instructional planning
  • Reevaluation to measure progress
  • Selection of the best educational environment
  • Application to private school
  • Determination of appropriate grade placement
  • Emotional functioning of an individual
  • To help the court make decisions about the best interest of a child in divorce proceedings
  • Attachment between a parent and child
  • Developmental level of a child
  • To determine a child’s fitness to proceed
  • To determine if someone has Irlen Syndrome

Types of Assessments

  • Crisis Assessment
    This type of assessment is conducted when a child has voiced suicidal or homicidal ideation. We will assess the lethality of your child's distress and determine the need for psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Developmental Assessment
    This type of assessment looks at a young child's (birth to age 6) level of adaptive functioning and if old enough, cognitive functioning. Included in this type of test is assessing your child's language development, motor skills, daily living skills, and socialization skills.
  • Educational Assessment
    This type of assessment will uncover your child's learning style, including strengths and weaknesses, which can then determine the type of educational environment that will be best suited to optimize your child's potential. This type of testing can also take place to determine a child's readiness for pre-k.
  • Juvenile Fitness to Proceed Evaluation
    A juvenile fitness to proceed evaluation is appropriate for juveniles where there is a question of the child's competency, or for any other juvenile where there is concern regarding mental illness, diminished cognitive abilities, or severe learning disabilities that may adversely affect the child's comprehension of his/her legal situation. A request for this type of assessment must come from the child’s attorney.
  • Psychological Assessment
    This type of testing offers a formal way to measure your child's cognitive functioning, feelings, emotional regulation, frustration tolerance, and quality of relationships. It is the most comprehensive means of measuring your child's functioning, identifying underlying emotional issues, and determining a comprehensive treatment plan.

Family Related Assessments

We recognize that families present with unique needs. Thus, we offer a variety of options for testing, with a range of prices to meet your budget. Each assessment is specially tailored for your family. Testing options are as follows:

  • Attachment/Bonding Assessment
    This type of assessment looks at the quality of the parent/child relationship.
  • Parenting Competency Evaluations
    This type of evaluation is also referred to as a Custody Evaluation. This comprehensive evaluation assesses a parent's emotional functioning, personality traits, parenting stress, problem solving style, coping skills, and style of conflict resolution. It also includes the bonding assessment and parenting plan if requested at no charge.
  • Parenting Plans
    Our specialists will help you develop a structured and consistent plan for parenting for families of separation/divorce. No formal testing is conducted, but plans are developed via meetings with both parents.
  • Expert Testimony

    Dr. Kerwin is an expert in family dynamics, trauma, and child development. She is available for consultation and for general questions as well as courtroom testimony. Approximately 95% of all cases settle prior to scheduled court dates. Even if your original intention was to proceed to court, after receiving our extended report, you and your (ex)spouse may utilize the report to try to reach a settlement. If desired, our presence can help speed this process along as we can answer questions parties or attorneys may have. Our office can also serve as a neutral ground for such meetings at your request.

    Dr. Hill specializes in fitness to proceed evaluations and is available for consultation as well as testimony in such cases.

Expected Outcomes of an Assessment

A detailed written report will be given to you during the feedback session, at which time results will be reviewed and explained. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. The report will include the following information:

  • Present level of functioning in all areas assessed, with clear interpretation of findings
  • Description of condition and diagnosis if warranted
  • Design of appropriate educational placement/program if warranted
  • Recommendations to other specialists if needed
  • Recommendations to the court

After the diagnostic evaluation a specific treatment or instructional plan can be created, progress can be monitored, and if needed ongoing therapy can be provided upon request.